Why Bali Should Be Your Next Beach Destination

It’s undeniable that Bali has got something special about it. It’s spiritual, it’s romantic, it’s natural and it also has some of the most alluring beaches. There are fantastic beach destinations all over the world, but it’s Bali’s culture, laid back attitude, artistic vibe and connection with nature that makes it a beach destination that stands out above the others.


It’s a Surfer’s Paradise

bali surfing travel


People have been traveling to Bali for its waves for years. The island has the surf town vibe done right in towns like Canggu and Uluwatu Beach where you can find everything you could want from a surfer’s paradise. The streets are full of long haired, tanned skin, locals and tourists riding around on motorbikes with surf board racks on the side. Locals hang out at stands on the beaches to offer lessons to the newbies and seasoned surf dudes can be seen making a mass exodus to the sea right before sunset.


It Has Black Sand

bali beach black sand travel


Not all the beaches, but many of them, including Jasri have black, volcanic sand. It’s surprising to see at first but it sparkles in the sun and is a shock if you have never seen it before. Just make sure to keep your shoes on because the sun makes this sand extra hot.


There’s Art

bali art gallery indoenisa


Bali is a place that thrives on art and it’s an important part of the local culture. Art galleries line the roads and there is no shortage of handicrafts in the towns. Even on Echo Beach in Canggu, there is a graffiti wall filled with the artwork of the locals. Hang on the beach for long enough and you will probably get a chance to see them in action, editing old works and painting over them for something new.


The Water is Crystal Clear

blue lagoon beach bali


The water around Bali beaches is beautiful. It’s clear, it’s warm and plenty calm. There is so much coastline in Bali that the water actually keeps pretty clear of people too. Check out Green Bowl beach, the beaches of Ahmed and the Blue Lagoon Beach for some clear views to the bottom of the sea.


The Diving and Snorkeling Opportunities are Endless

bali snorkeling and diving


For the divers and snorkelers out there, or even the wannabes, you won’t have any trouble finding a place to take an underwater adventure. While there are opportunities all over the island, one of the best places to get underwater time is in Ahmed. This seaside town is new to tourism and has just enough amenities for visitors to be comfortable but is also laid back, un-crowded and doesn’t have too much to do. Many of the resorts there  cater to divers and you could devote an entire vacation, weekend or day to getting scuba certified and exploring.


The Natural Formations Make Things More Interesting 

bali beach cave


Unlike other beaches that are just flat expanses of sand, some of the spots in Bali have some beautiful, natural formations that make a day at the beach much more interesting. Lounge under the shade of a cave on Green Bowl beach or inch your way through the paths between the giant rock walls of Uluwatu Beach.