Hacks That Work To Get The Cheapest Air Tickets

get cheapest air tickets hacks


There are two sides to travel, the full price and the discounted side. Hotels and flights are always subject to cheaper prices, however, it is not so obvious. While discounts are out there, they are often difficult to uncover, making it easier for travellers just to pay the full price. With a little planning, some travel hack knowledge and some patience, you could find yourself traveling on cheapest airplane tickets. Here are just a few travel tips for air tickets and hotels to keep in mind the next time you are planning a holiday.

Use Comparison Booking Sites

Stay off of airline sites and instead, check the prices on comparison sites. These third party websites work by scanning all of the airline sites for their cheapest deals, and then presenting them to you for comparison. Skyscanner is one of the top sites for this but also check out Expedia and Google Flights.

Clear Your Cookies

Websites these days are smart. They keep the history of your past searches and use that information to affect what prices come up for new hotel and flight searches you may make. Many times, they will keep the cheaper prices off of your screen if they know that you have been searching around for a while. Make sure to clear your browser cookies or open an “Incognito” window if you have Google Chrome, before making new searches.

Make a Flexible Itinerary 

Being flexible can save you money. Consider booking one way tickets instead of round trip and finding a cheaper route home. Also consider flying into cheaper cities and then making a connecting flight via a budget airline to where you want to go. Additionally, you could book a flight to a cheaper city and then opt for the bus or other ground transport that may be cheaper to your desired destination. Another idea is to book layover stops that are often cheaper and allow you to spend time in another city or interesting airport.

Join Memberships or Credit Cards

Hotels often are part of these programs that will help you save some money. If you are a AAA member, you are eligible for discounts on hotels all around the world. Sign up for a hotel credit card that earns you points and allows you to take advantage of sign up bonuses for free stays.

Use Booking Websites

Look for hotels via booking websites instead of directly through the hotel’s websites. Bookings.com as well as Agoda.com and Hotels.com often have discounts and will list the rooms by cheapest rates possible.

Find Coupons

By just taking a few minutes to check out popular coupon sites like Groupon.com and Retailmenot.com, you can get your hands on secret coupon codes that you can use for discounts when booking hotels.

Email The General Manager

If you had a hotel stay that was less than satisfactory, try sending an email to the manager and letting them know about your experience. More often than not, they will offer you an upgrade, discount, or free stay for the next time that you travel.