Demystifying Goa: Is it really all sex and booze ?

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Is Goa all about sex and booze

“Women cheaper than alcohol in Goa…. ” words from a bollywood movie…..


Popularly known as the “Las Vegas” of India, the image of Goa for common people like us consists of a gentleman in a suit and a lady in a wedding gown and not to forget a glass of wine in hand. This, along with Bollywood has contributed to the creation of a Goan stereotype in the minds of Indians.

Here are some common misconceptions about Goa :


1. Goans live on beaches spending their life having a gala time.



Goa is like any other state in India, just a bit more cleaner, greener, and way less crowded. Goans definitely do not live on beaches and have diasporic lifestyles. Even they work in normal offices, go to real colleges and visiting a beach is as much an event for them too.


2. Goa is all about sex, booze, rave parties, drugs  and Foreigner is a dollor bill with legs!

goa rave party


Goa is about relaxation, lounging around and leisure. Goa has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. There is a criminal element , but it doesn’t mean a white guy will beat you up if you go to Anjuna Beach. There are raves, but there is much much more to do in terms of entertainment . The food is to die for, the locales are to live in.


3. It is not a safe place for women. And native women are of cheap character.



Goa is the safest place for women. You wont even garner a second glance if you’re walking down the road in a bikini. So chill. They do love their tourists but do not really like it being treated as Las Vegas. Its not ok to ask about places to pick up girls from. Its not ok to pick up girls either. Women there are of equal dignity and aren’t sluts, though some might be involved in this showbiz but that’s not the only thing.


4. You gotta see only beaches in Goa.

waterfall goa, arvalem goa


Apart from the beaches, National Parks, Lakes, Hills, Waterfalls all are some of the other must sees in Goa. The state is full of marvellous scenic beauty which is absolutely adorable. In Goa there are nine large rivers, all of them flow out Western Ghat and flow into the Arabian Sea. 42 smaller tributaries join them, forming a large system of inland waters of Goa called here “backwaters”.

Some of the other must sees are:

  • Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park
  • Mayem, Carmbolim, Cutorim ( Lakes)
  • Dudhsagar Falls, Arvalem Falls, Sada Falls
  • Reis Magos fort
  • Netravali Falls, Kuskem Falls and many more to jot down.

These majestic and beautiful waterfalls are worth visiting post monsoons, as that is the time when the falls nosily make its way and are surrounded by greenery. They come down to a trickle during winters.


6. Goans are all drunkards.



Most people think of beaches, cheap liquor and great food when they think of Goa. Goans are very good social drinkers and are very responsible. The stupid Bollywood movies have really given Goa and Goans a very bad name. There is also a huge population that does not drink at all. Teetotaler You can’t imagine people living without drinking here at such cheap prices but yeah it’s the reality.


5. Religion is absolutely relaxed in Goa




One can start with temples – Mangueshi temple, a Shiva temple, ­ Lata Mangeshkar’s (legendary singer from India) family originally hails from this part of the state; and Shantadurga temple, a Goddess Durga temple. These temples do expect visitors to follow rules to maintain piety of the place, so visit only if prepared.

Goa has truly earned the name “Rome of the East”. It abounds in churches and chapels, some dating back to the 16th century. The profusion and architectural excellence of churches include superb examples of late Renaissance, early Baroque, Manueline and Gothic. These churches exhibit a Portuguese story somewhere in their distinctive architectural workmanship.

There is a lot more fun to it which should definitely not be missed in order to make the best of your holiday in the fun beach capital of India.

There is need of a paradigm shift to combat the assumptions regarding Goa. Because Goa is an absolute bundle of benefits, refreshing and rejuvenating place to be your holiday destination to relax and enjoy!