Top 5 SkyDiving Experiences That Will Pump You Up

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Skydiving, it’s scary, exciting and the best way to satisfy your inner adventurer. This bucket list worthy experience can be had all over the world, but as it’s a once in a lifetime experience, you must choose wisely. Here are 5 of the best skydiving experiences to feed your hunger for adventure.

5 Skydiving Experiences That Will Feed Your Hunger For Adventure

Sky Dive Fox Glacier , New Zealand 

In business since 1903, this company has helped over 20,000 people jump out of perfectly good planes.  Voted the 2nd most scenic skydiving on the globe, this drop will take you past rainforests, lakes, rivers, Westland National Park, the country’s highest mountain and the Southern Alp’s largest glacier. The instructors here have been part of the industry for over 25 years, keeping all equipment meticulously up to date and keeping customers feeling confident in their certification and experience.


Everest Sky Dive, Nepal 

Not only is this sky dive one of the highest in the world, it offers one of the globe’s best views while you drop. Jump out of a helicopter and get a glimpse of the world’s highest peak and lovely Sherpa settlements as you fall. Book an all inclusive trip and you will get to experience a jump that requires extra oxygen due to intense altitude, land on the world’s highest drop zone,  be part of the Elite Club of Skydivers and visit Sagarmatha national park.


Sydney Sky Divers, Australia 

Only 55 minutes from the city, this company makes it easy for you to add the experience to your holiday.  A dive with these guys will have falling over coastline, the Blue Mountains and the city skyline. Sydney Sky Divers takes pride in making customers feel secure with their 40 years of experience taking over 2 million people up into the air. In fact, they are considered to be Australia’s number one sky diving company. They also have some of the best facilities with a lounge, coffee shop, safe viewing area and WIFI.


Victoria Falls Sky Diving, Zambia 

People travel from all over the world to see Victoria Falls and this sky diving experience allows you to see it from a bird’s eye view. The instructors here have completed over 1000 skydives and will help you get the best photos and have the most epic experience over the falls. The setting is what makes this jump special as you can’t see this natural wonder quite like this any other way.


Sky Dive Dubai, UAE 

Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world to visit these days and the place is set up for entertainment and adventure. One of the city’s main attractions is the man made, palm shaped islands that can only be truly appreciated from the sky. While enjoying your fall, make sure to get a look at the world’s tallest building and the stunning marina below. It all started for Dubai with an international parachuting championship that turned into a full blown sky diving company run by extreme sports enthusiasts with the highest standards and training.