5 Reasons This Is The Best Time To Holiday in Greece

If you have been a passionate traveler, and spin that globe map which makes the most valued possession on your work desk every now and then. Just gazing at all the little countries that are begging you to visit them, and Greece has always been your favorite. And been so for all the great reasons, now is the perfect time for you to be visiting Greece. Why you ask? Here are 5 top reasons as to why RIGHT NOW is the best time to be visiting Greece.

Reason 1: Everything is on SALE!

greece sale travel

The country is going through a lot of financial troubles and though it may seem like every reason to stay away but this is the best reason as to why you should be catching a plane to Greece. Not only will the same GREECE experience will cost you much lesser but you will also experience greater hospitality by a nation already known far and wide for their hospitality. Expect to find some great sales not only on hotels, but everything from airline tickets, to some mind-blowing holiday packages, and what more is that the local economy can benefit greatly from all of those tourism dollars.


Reason 2: It’s still the same old antiquely beautiful Greece

santorini, greece

History and the scenic beauty of Greece is simply gorgeous and despite the money troubles the beaches and archaeological sites have remained unchanged and one can explore and experience the Greek civilization and it’s might to date. You can set sail on the Aegean Sea and witness the historic landscapes fade into nothingness and indulge into world’s finest dining and mesmerizing flavours.


Reason 3: Political protests, are nothing new!

greece protests travel

In most parts of the Europe, it is only the freedom of speech that protestors hit the roads when things are not going their way and so is the case with Greece. This is not the first time this is happening and this has been so for centuries in this part of the European continent at least. While you should constantly keep a check on the local new channels while on your trip but there is nothing more adventurous than being a part of a foreign rally.


Reason 4: Better exchange rates!

greece better exchange rates

If you are travelling from the Great Britain  or USA you will find yourself in a favorable situation, where your dollar or pound is weighed higher than it used to before against Euros. You will be able to exchange in a few dollars for a lot more Euros, and hence make not only the travelling experience enthralling but also the shopping more fun with now more money in your pockets to spend.


Reason 5:


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Here’s the most undeniable reason to visit Greece especially if you love food.

Yes, the whole… The Greek food!
Greek cuisine is laden with Mediterranean flavours and with those fresh, light delicacies to munch on as you witness the sun set on the world’s most prestigious and flavoursome dishes. From feta, baklava to Souvlaki, dolmades and the ever popular and traditionally greek moussaka and olives.