5 Trips You Must Take Before Your Single License Expires

Single is an opportunity to live life on your own terms and not apologize. So before you marry your Mr./Ms. Right and their first name turns out to be ‘Always’, here are a few places that you must visit before your Single license expires.

1. Bike ride to Leh Ladakh

leh-ladakh bike tour


All you need is one ‘Royal Enfield’ to kickstart your road trip to the most rugged terrains of the world with wind in your face.

Camping at high altitude chilly lakes and valleys, exploring the beautiful nature and culture, view of the unusual landscape and moonscape. It’s all spell-bounding!

Despite jammed with thrilling adventures all along, you’ll feel ‘heaven on earth’ in this small place. That cleansed breath will leave you in eternal peace ! ( Get going now because you shall never experience that peace once you’re taken :p )

2. Las Vegas

las vegas bachelor trip

Who would not want to go to the entertainment capital of the world or more popularly known as the “Sin City”!

Catering to the singles crowd and offerring a no. of opportunities too, the city has a variety of casinos and resorts.

Night Clubs, shopping, gambling, live shows, lounges, you name it and you got to do it. Las Vegas is perhaps one of the most liveliest cities welcoming singles from all over. It has got a little of everything.

3. Bangkok-Pattaya

pattaya bachelors trip

Ranging from the ancient Thai attractions to the modern adventure and the colourful beach culture, Pattaya is a unique raw beauty to be simply adored.

Thumping music from different generes, party animals from all over, street performances,  glamour of the cabaret stage, massage parlours, boozing all around and not to forget the hot chicks to hang out with for all the tacitly assumed reasons.

Bangkok’s liberated culture is what allures a great no. of bachelors to celebrate their youthfulness and the fortunate days of singlehood.

4. Amsterdam 

amsterdam bachelors trip


Whether it’s women, the weather, or the nightlife, single guys have their own idea of what pleases them the most to have fun in a place. Amsterdam is an ultimate destination for such pleasures and leisures in Europe because of its relaxed social norms, liberal drug laws and legal sex districts.

The ambience and rich tourist culture is like icing on the cake. It’s totally your way of how the city welcomes you!

5. Goa

goa bachelors trip

And the one and only Goa.

Beautiful mix of Indian and Portugese culture, Goa is an entirely different experience from the rest of the Indian subcontinent.. You’ll fall in love with with the exotic beach culture, mouthwatering cuisine and the climate in Goa.

Well, there is never a bad time to visit Goa, but still best to enjoy the laid back way of life while you’re single and get to mingle with the localities and foreigners…

Cheap liquor, women, couch-surfing, anything you wish to do you can just do it.

Coz life is not about the breaths you take, it’s about how many times your breath is taken away….