5 Haunted Places in India That Are a Must Visit For Bravehearts

Not only is India huge, but it is full of history and shrouded in mystery. From tales of ancient kings and queens to ghost stories of forgotten places, India is a playground for those brave souls who want to explore its hidden, haunted corners. If you’re feeling brave and ready to test your nerve, check out these 5 “must visit” haunted places in India.

Haunted Places In India


Bhangarh Fort – Ajabgarh

Haunted bhangarh fort

Bhangarh Fort at night (Source)

At its core, this place is well known for its historical ruins of temples, palaces, a mosque and some shops. Legend has it that there was once a magician who dabbled in dark magic. He had fallen in love with a princess and planned to put her under a spell so that she would surrender to his love. The un-willing princess became aware of his plan and set out to kill him in order to escape from a life of sorrow. Upon his death, the magician was able to cast a dark spell over the entire palace. While many people visit these remains during the day, nightfall is when the paranormal happenings begin to unfold. It is legally prohibited for anyone to visit the site after nightfall, but for those who truly want to investigate this dark magic, there is always a way.


Vrindavan Society – Thane

haunted vrindavan society

Vrindavan Society (Source)

This housing society is actually most well known for being the most popular in Thane. It is loved for its luxury apartments and from the outside, looks quite normal. However, it got its haunting past when a resident of the society committed suicide. Strange activity began after the man’s death and the security guards on night watch got especially spooked when one of them felt like he got slapped in the face and thrown across the room. After hearing of this tale, current residents are careful not to leave their homes too late at night.


Bengal Swamps

ghost lights bengal swamps

Bengal Swamps (Source)

Swamps are eerie regardless of ghost tales but put the two together and you have one scary destination. Local fisherman here have reported time and time again, a series of unidentifiable ghost lights appearing in the distance.  Many of these men have been made confused by the lights and went to follow them, thus causing their deaths. It is said that their bodies often wash up on shore and that the lights themselves are the ghosts of those who died.


Lambi Dehar Mines – Mussoorie


Lambi Dehar Mines (Source)

These mines were the location of thousands of deaths when workers started to cough up blood and be sickened to their deaths due to the conditions. Now, many people believe that a witch inhabits the grounds and walks up around the area, claiming the lives of visitors who cross her path. There have been many accidents and strange deaths to support the tales.


The Mansion on Residency Road – Pune

haunted manision in india

Haunted Mansion (Source)

This abandoned home looks just as terrifying as you would suspect. It is said to be haunted by an old women with devilish ways. People have reported hearing crazed laughter, strange sounds and screams coming from inside. Visiting would be a sure test to your bravery.